This sing-a-long book is filled with Home-Centered Music by Larry R. Beebe. Original music and texts with positive and happy sounds and incredible orchestrations. The goal is heading 'Heaven Bound" with joyous music instilling gospel principles into the hearts and minds of the entire family. These songs bring forth great family themes.

Included in this new book are 9 original songs with sing-a-long sheet music containing text and melody only. The accompaniments are on the audio CD with delightful Orchestrations. There are two tracks for each number. 1) Orchestration with Voice and 2) Orchestration with NO voice. How fun is that! Available June 1st.

Listen to Sample Recording

The numbers are: 

  • Living the Gospel is Fun
  • Our Family Must Be Right
  • Ten Percent
  • Keep the Commandments
  • Challenges and Promises
  • Gotta Have Faith
  • Working Together
  • Loving Families
  • Last one soon to be announced.

    Vocal Lead Sheet Music may be copied for Incidental, noncommercial Family and Home Use.