Hymns of Reverence: The first volume of an exciting new series of organ prelude books is now available. This is a similarly beautiful but very different type of organ prelude book than our Hymns of Devotions series.

The world has need of more organists! The beautiful hymn arrangements in this series are written for one manual without pedals. If you are a pianist called as an organist and/or increasing skill on the organ, or an organist using a digital piano/organ with one keyboard and no pedals, this book is for you.

The arrangements facilitate mastering that important first skill of organ fingering technique while providing uplifting organ prelude music for your congregation.

The organ preludes can also be played on a digital piano/organ in smaller settings for church auxiliary meetings, baptisms and other events to bring a wonderful spirit of reverence.

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    Hymns of Reverence/Organ Preludes for ONE Manual
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    Hymns of Reverence/Organ Preludes for ONE Manual (BOOK) (21 pages)
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