There is More to Music than Music
Series of Articles with Music Tips and Techniques

~ Introduction ~

There are so many vibrant colors and beauty in music when it is beautifully and spiritually done. Hearts are touched, spirits are enlivened and testimonies are strengthened with a resolve to do better.

One of the greatest challenges that lies before the music personnel of any ward or stake unit is to set a steady pace of learning, to kindle a desire for spiritual growth, and to spark enthusiasm for the hymns of the Church. This truly is a challenge.

Often we do not consider ourselves as leaders, for we say, "I'm just the music director," or "I'm just the organist." This is truly a misconception for by virtue of your calling, you are a leader.

How many times during a meeting does the congregation have an opportunity to respond to your direction? How many times are you before the ward members during any given month, whether it be in Primary, Relief Society, Priesthood or Sacrament meetings? How many times have you played prelude and postlude music to help set the tone for the meeting and a reverent dismissal of the meeting?

In your hands, you hold many opportunities for spiritual growth within the ward. It is part of your calling through music, to help build joy in worshiping the Savior, to help build love and unity within the ward, and to help create a conducive environment for learning. Yes, this can be done, for music is a most effective tool in teaching and inspiring.

We, at Larice Music, love the music people of the wards, branches and stakes and appreciate the magnitude of your callings. We encourage you to continue pressing forward in your tremendous, time-consuming tasks, for there is much work to be done. How great will be your joy as you see positive changes occur within your ward, as you witness a perfecting of the Saints, and a bonding of love and unity.

Do not give up! Do not get discouraged! Press on - press on. The blessings of success are waiting for you!