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Tips for Music Personnel
Compiled by W. Herbert Klopfer

1. Screen all special musical numbers for sacrament meeting.  Know in advance what instruments will be used and the name of the selection.  As you invite performers and set the date, please tell them of the high standards we expect.

2. Allow only those instruments and selections that will enhance worship and spirituality of sacrament meeting.

3. Don’t allow any pop music to be performed in sacrament meeting.  It will detract from the spirituality of the meeting.  "The Spirit does not ratify speech nor confirm music which lacks spiritual substance." Boyd K. Packer

4. Do keep the tempo of hymns within the metronome markings recommended by the Church.  Either slower or faster than the m.m. markings will cause congregation distress.  If they cannot sing and breathe, they will stop singing.

5. Do correlate the music with the speaker’s topic.  This takes advance planning but will pay rich dividends.

6. Do take corrective action (with tact) whenever an organist or director or special number does not follow the guidelines and standards of the Church.

7. Do choose prelude and postlude music with care. The following statement was read in a recent area music training meeting by a counselor in the area presidency: "The hymns of the Church are the basic music for Latter-day Saint meetings, and the use of hymns is encouraged for prelude and postlude music, choir music, and music for special selections. However, music for such meetings is not restricted to hymns.  Other songs, anthems, and musical selections may be used, but they should be in keeping with the spirit of the hymns of the Church."  We have heard some criticize others for using preludes that were not hymns. Hymn arrangements are fine, and so is other appropriate sacred music.

8. Do use proper terminology:

9. Do encourage the singing of hymns at home. Members of the Congregation should be encouraged to learn the words to the hymns and sing them when traveling in the car, around the house and for family occasions. The hymns have the power to keep our thoughts clean and pure.