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Hymn Story
Submitted by Blake Webster

"Almost 20 years ago, I had the wonderful blessing to serve as bishop in a new ward.  One young married sister confided that she came from a home where her father was abusive.  This poor parental example affected her ability to comprehend a loving Father in Heaven.  She confessed she did not have a testimony of God, the Father.  She committed to prayer and study in hopes of receiving a confirming witness of the reality of Him.

Some time passed.  In a Relief Society meeting during the prelude the pianist softly played 
Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning.  During that sweet melody, this young sister was filled with the Spirit and received the confirming witness she had prayed for - that God, the Father is real, that He loves her and knows her personally.  She later shared this experience with me and testified that she now knew.

The hymns are such a powerful vehicle for the Spirit.  We may never know how our musical service, particularly with the hymns, has and will change lives for the better."