Hymn Story
Submitted by Joan Hamblin

"In about 1870 in Trondelag, Trondheim, Norway, my great grandparents lived in a small house that would be similar to our duplexes because it shared a wall with their neighbors

One evening, they heard singing coming through the thin walls. The song was Oh, My Father, and the words so touched my great grandparents that they asked questions of their neighbors during the following days.

The missionaries started visiting them and their young family, too, and they soon decided to be baptized. It was some years before they could save enough money to make the trip to Utah; my grandmother, Bertine Berg, and her twin brother, Cornelius, were about six years old when they embarked on their Atlantic voyage, leaving behind the country of their birth. Ever since, that song has been a favorite in our family, often sung at family funerals and missionary farewells."