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The refreshing peace
and joy that comes
through beautiful music

The Lord is my light;
The Lord is my Light,
He is my joy and my song.
By day and by night
He leads me,
He leads me along.

Inspirational Hymn Arrangements from Larice Music
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Walking In the Light
NewAudio CD Book
Introducing the completion of this beautiful Audio CD Book with music and orchestration by Larry Beebe. The music and script will soon be available for other groups to perform this inspiring work. Please check back.
There are Articles and Quotes by leadership and musicians in the church.  Helping with insight and ideas.    More
Many people ask, "What is "The Beebe Sound."  Click here and read what is happening through "The Beebe Sound."   More
Download Ring Tones from Larice Music that coordinate with the Hymn of the Month.  Check it out. More
Windows of Heaven
New Audio CD Series
Coming Soon a new Audio CD Series, "Windows of Heaven" orchestrated by Larry Beebe.  Volume One will be Available July 2014

Hymn Sing program outlines for Congregational hymn sings.  A wonderful way use the hymns to uplift and bless.   More
This outline is intended to be a guide to the major requirements of the Copyright Law as they apply to users of printed music. This outline does not presume to be a comprehensive summary of the Copyright Act of 1976.  It does not attempt to deal with all the issues covered by the legislation, nor does it provide answers to many of the legal questions. The purpose of this outline is to help individuals understand the basic law and then adjust according to the information.     More