Beautiful Music for the 200th Anniversary

An original, new number just in time for this year's 200th Anniversary of the First Vision.  Music by Larry R. Beebe and Text by Barbara G. Dykstra.

Available with Piano accompaniment and also as an orchestrated soundtrack that can be used in a special event celebration.

Available February 1, 2020.  Beginning text sample below.

"A stone without hands from the mountain is cut, to roll forth and fill the whole earth.  The gospel of Christ by His word is restored, and no tongue can establish it's worth.  To the lad, Joseph Smith, our dear Savior appeared, standing there on the right hand of God . . ."

Sing Unto Him a New Song
Extended Programs for Family and Congregational Hymn Singing

A Joyful experience for your church, ward or stake.  Elements for an interesting and successful hymn sing is with appropriate variety. Everyone participates. There can be a choir, a soloist, readers, varying use of organ and piano accompaniments, and most of all, the family and congregation. Some of the hymns are sung exactly as in the hymn book and other selections, melody only, with special accompaniments. We have found it successful to consider the choir or soloists as participants rather than performers such as, one verse soloist, another verse choir with congregation joining etc.

Where Can I Turn for Peace? ~ Hymn Sing

Truth Restored ~ Restoration Hymn Sing Fireside

We the People Give Thanks ~ Thanksgiving Hymn Sing

We Believe in America ~ Hymn Sing

Through modern technology, information today is transmitted around the globe instantly. Gone are the days of the pony express, the carrier pigeon and the courier. People now run marathons as athletic activities, not to deliver a message, as the Greek messenger Pheidippides did in his run from the battlefield at Marathon to Athens, 2500 years ago.

Called to Serve
Hymn Info ~ Author ~ Composer

Although we have such great communication tools and advantages today, it is an accepted fact that for certain things the most effective communication method is still in person, face to face discussion. This kind of teaching and discussion was used by our Savior, Jesus Christ, over two thousand years ago, and also his disciples after Him as they went to "all nations," teaching the gospel and commandments of God. More Information