NEW BOOK - Hymns of Worship, Volume Seven, is a collection of eight soul-stirring hymn arrangements for congregational hymn singing, small groups and/or solos. Included are: Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee, Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words, Now Let Us Rejoice, Guide Me to Thee, Jesus, Once of Humble Birth, As I Search the Holy Scriptures, Be Still, My Soul and America the Beautiful.

LM4011 11.95 each. This NEW book is available to be shipped or purchase/download.

Primary and Family theme for 2017 is Choose the Right. This Choosing the Right book is a collection of seven hymns and children's gospel songs focused on helping us choose the right path to follow.

Newly Recorded Primary song, "When You Have to Choose, Remember Jesus," is simple and yet profound in teaching children what they can do in making choices. This beautiful number was written by Valerie Guymon with arrangement and orchestration by Larry R. Beebe, Christy Cato, soloist.

Please select this link to hear this number.

These arrangements are intended to provide special opportunities for Primary children and families to have significant spiritual experiences through music. We believe active participation in congregational hymn singing is an essential part of personal worship, and time spent in the home learning and singing the hymns will reap eternal blessings for the family.