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Happy Sounds ~ Happy Homes

This new sing-along book is filled with Home-Centered Music by Larry R. Beebe. Original music and texts with positive and happy sounds and incredible orchestrations.  Just imagine the simple, yet powerful gospel principles that will be instilled into your children and grandchildren's hearts through this engaging and joyful music.

Included in this new book are 8 original songs with sing-along sheet music containing texts and melodies with occasional harmonies. The accompaniments are on the audio CD with delightful Orchestrations.  There are two tracks for each number. 1) Orchestration with Voice and 2) Orchestration with NO voice.  How fun is that!

You gotta hear it to feel the power for good this music can bring to the family.  Easy to learn.  Great themes for the entire family. 

~ Great Idea ~

Perfect selection for a Christmas Program, especially when we find we are asked to have

only ONE special musical number.  It involves everyone: the choir or a small ensemble, several soloists and the congregation. 

Included in this medley, are three favorite Christmas Hymns, beautifully arranged by Larry Beebe.  Take a look.  Perfect Number!

Sing Unto Him a New Song
Extended Programs for Family and Congregational Hymn Singing

A Joyful experience for your church, ward or stake.  Elements for an interesting and successful hymn sing is with appropriate variety. Everyone participates. There can be a choir, a soloist, readers, varying use of organ and piano accompaniments, and most of all, the family and congregation. Some of the hymns are sung exactly as in the hymn book and other selections, melody only, with special accompaniments. We have found it successful to consider the choir or soloists as participants rather than performers such as, one verse soloist, another verse choir with congregation joining etc.

Where Can I Turn for Peace? ~ Hymn Sing

Truth Restored ~ Restoration Hymn Sing Fireside

We the People Give Thanks ~ Thanksgiving Hymn Sing

We Believe in America ~ Hymn Sing

Give the Gift of Love

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New offering. 

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