2018 Primary Sacrament Meeting Music Outline

I Am a Child of God; My Heavenly Father Loves Me; If the Savior Stood Beside Me; The Golden Plates; We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet; My Mother Dear; When I Am Baptized; Fathers; Families Can Be Together Forever; A Child's Prayer; Have I Done Any Good; We'll Bring the World his Truth.

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Most people would agree that young children and story time go together like peanut butter and jelly. Scientific studies have shown that when parents and children cuddle up together to read stories they improve their emotional bonds, reduce their stress levels and boost the child's brain development. Hearing the same story over and over again has been shown to be important for learning language and logic skills. Stories help children to understand things they do not experience in their everyday routine.

This is true for teenagers and adults as well. Stories about family and ancestors can help develop a sense of personal identity. Stories about the founding of our country can help develop a sense of national identify and patriotism. Stories with analogies can help with understanding of religious concepts like faith.

Some of the greatest stories ever told for the instruction of the listeners are the parables that Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, gave the people as recorded in the New Testament. Everyday objects and situations familiar to the listeners were used to teach people how they should live and what they should believe.

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If the Way Be Full of Trial, Weary Not!

We have received numerous orders for this wonderful hymn. Available arrangements are for Choir (SATB), Women's Voicing, Men's Voicing, Piano Solo, Vocal Solo and a free Ring (Hymn) Tone.

In our choirs, this number has been sung many times and is a favorite of our Stake President. We have recordings on our site of live performances for the SATB, TTBB. Piano Solo, the Ring Tone. Hope you enjoy.

New Book ~ Volume 7

NEW BOOK - Hymns of Worship, Volume Seven is a collection of eight soul-stirring hymn arrangements for congregational hymn singing, small groups and/or solos.

Included are: Oh, May My Soul Commune with Thee, Let Us Oft Speak Kind words, Now Let Us Rejoice, Guide Me to Thee, Jesus, Once of Humble Birth, As I Search the Holy Scriptures, Be Still, My Soul and America the Beautiful.

LM4011 $11.95 each. This NEW book is available to be shipped or purchase/download.

FREE "Hymn" Ring Tones

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