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I AM A CHILD OF GOD - String Ensemble w/piano acc
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The piece begins in the key of D with a cello solo, the other instruments joining on the chorus. The second verse transitions to the key of F on the chorus, then moves to the key of G on the last verse.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER - String Ensemble w/piano acc
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This string ensemble with piano accompaniment is simply beautiful. The piano introduction in the key of G sets a sweet tone as the ensemble begins. The violins play in unison while the viola and cello play a simple harmony. The accompaniment plays a swelling interlude and transitions into the key of F, the ensemble then plays in exquisite, full harmony, diminishing to end with a soft recap.

TELL ME THE STORIES OF JESUS - String Ensemble w/piano acc
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This lovely arrangement begins in the key of D with a viola and cello duet on the first verse, then a first and second violin duet on the second verse. The melody line is enhanced throughout with moments of flourish and melodic variation. The full ensemble moves into the key of G on the third verse and swells in exquisite harmonies, then ends with a soft recap.

AWAY IN A MANGER MEDLEY ~ String Ensemble with Piano Solo
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Away In a Manger Medley for string ensemble with piano solo is a beautiful arrangement of the three familiar melodies of this favorite Christmas carol.Scored for two violins, viola, cello and piano, the difficulty is medium, but the effect is tremendous. The piano shares the spotlight with several solo lines, and varying combination of strings and two key changes keep things interesting.The first violin soars on the last verse supported by wonderful harmonies from the other instruments, then...