About Us

"Larice Music is dedicated to the establishment and promotion of music
that will motivate all people and nations of the earth to turn their hearts to God."

Our motivating beliefs are:

couple playing piano
Larry and Alice Beebe

We believe there is more to music than music

We affirm music is spiritual by nature

We declare our love for the hymns and acknowledge the great impact they can have in our lives

We rejoice in the content and beauty of the hymns

We believe active participation in congregational hymn singing is an essential part of personal worship

We believe time spent in the home learning and singing the hymns will reap eternal blessings for the family.

We testify of the extraordinary joy that comes when the hymns are sung with heart-felt praises unto the Lord

    Encompassed within the workings of Larice Music are:
    1. Composition and publication of sacred hymn arrangements
    2. Printing and worldwide distribution of these arrangements
    3. Music Resource Library filled with information and materials inviting all to Come Home to the Hymns™
    4. Other areas of work within the organization have been established for the sharing of ideas, caring for individual musical needs, and for learning with understanding