Hymn Sing Programs

Sing Unto Him a New Song
Extended Programs for Family and Congregational Hymn Singing

Family and Congregational hymn sings can be used for a variety of occasions or just because you want to. We have experienced and also received reports of significant experiences attributed to the participation in hymn singing programs. They can be 40 minutes, one hour, or our favorite a 90 minute fireside on Sunday evening with families participating.

Elements for an interesting and successful hymn sing is with appropriate variety. Everyone participates. There can be a choir, a soloist, readers, varying use of organ and piano accompaniments, and most of all, the family and congregation. Some of the hymns are sung exactly as in the hymn book and other selections melody only with special accompaniments. We have found it successful to consider the choir or soloists as participants rather than performers such as, one verse soloist, another verse choir with congregation joining etc.