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Ten Secrets of a Successful Choir
"The LDS Church music program calls for a permanent choir in every ward."-Handbook 

1. Organization
       a. President

       b. Section leaders

       c. Accompanist, Assistant Accompanist

       d. Assistant Choir Director
       e. Secretary/Librarian
2. Choir Director
                        a. Preparation

                        b. Technique

                        c. Enthusiasm

                        d. Love of choir members

                        e. Love of the music

                3. Music Education

                4. Pace (fast)

                5. Mix of Music
                    a. Four pieces at a time 10-15 minutes each

                    b. Hymn, simple anthem, challenging anthem

                    c. Start simple, end simple

                6. Regular Meeting Time (complaints will dissipate)

                    a. Success has nothing to do with where or when practice is held. It has everything to do with consistency.  No vacations!

                7. Priesthood Support

                    a. Bishopric (one member of bishopric in choir every week)

                    b. Quorums (one member from each quorum presidency in choir every week

                    c. No meetings held during choir practice

                8. Never Complain About Anything
                9. Sing Often

                   ". . . in at least two sacrament meetings a month., This may include singing in fast and testimony meeting." -Handbook

                    a. People stay

                    b. People want to join

                10. Music to Match Topics

"Choir members may be appointed or called at the option of local priesthood leadership. Those who serve in the choir should understand the importance of being faithful in their assignment." -Handbook