A wonderful collection of eight favorite hymns arranged for piano solo. Selections range is considered MEDIUM. 
Songs in this book: Count Your Blessings; Jesus Once Was a Little Child; It Is Well with My Soul; Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel; Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth; Father in Heaven; The Iron Rod.

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    Testimony of Faith Volume 5 (book)
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    Testimony of Faith Vol 5 (book) (28 pages)
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    Count Your Blessings/single copy (4 pages)
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    Jesus, Once Was a Little Child/single copy (3 pages)
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    It Is Well with My Soul/single copy (3 pages)
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    Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel/single copy (4 pages)
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    Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth/single copy (3 pages)
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    Father in Heaven/single copy (3 pages)
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    The Iron Rod/single copy (3 pages)
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    Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy/single copy (3 pages)
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    Hymns in this book are:

    1. It Is Well with My Soul
    2. The Iron Rod
    3. Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel
    4. Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy
    5. Jesus, Once was a Little Child
    6. Father in Heaven
    7. Count Your Blessings
    8. Home Can Be a Heaven On Earth